New Years Resolutions

At the end of every year I like to reflect on my New Years Resolutions from the previous year, and this year I thought I would share my failures, successes and then my new resolutions.

– “Be completely gluten-free” is one I have managed, because I haven’t been tempted by my favourite foods like Sausage Rolls and biscuits.

– “Go for a run with my sister twice a month” is a complete fail as we did it once last January.

– “Do a colour run” was just not possible due to the dates.

– “FaceTime Sarah (my friend in Zurich) more regularly” I did this more than in 2016 but not as much as I would like.

– “See Talia (my friend who lives in Essex and always hard to see) three times or more” unfortunately this was a fail as we met up twice.

– “Organise to see friends and do fun things at the weekend” TICK!

– “Try to be less controlling and obsess over being clean” not only I failed to do this but I have done it more…

– “Write more than four blog posts” I have easily passed this.

As you can see I like to make my resolutions fairly attainable so for 2018 they are to:

– “Post a blog once a month”

– “Wear/Own more fashion forward clothing”

– “Get a job, and begin saving for something designer” shoes or a bag hopefully

– “Take more photographs for fun”

– “Improve my overall health/fitness”

– “Take more risks outside of my comfort zone”

– “Do a colour run” (I hope this actually happens as it has been on my list since 2016)

I am wishing every one a happy and healthy year, and may your dreams come true.

Stay happy



©️ lauren walls 2018


Nails Nails Nails

Not to sound big headed, but my nails often get complimented or I get asked “how can I grow my nails long like you?” So here is my poor attempt at explaining how they are so long and don’t break, because honestly I am not too sure of the answer.

I have never had my nails done by someone other than my mother or I. This means that the top layer of my nails is very strong and hasn’t been ripped off by wearing acrylics, meaning they don’t ever break.

I have always cut and filed them, never bitten them, or sucked my thumb, so the edges are strong and don’t chip.

I feel like I spend way too much time moisturising my hands and nails, which means that they don’t dry out and snap.

My diet is filled with vitamins and minerals, and I drink a lot of water; these all affect the health of the nails.

I nearly always have my nails painted, which some people would think ruins the nails due to the amount of chemicals in the polish and remover. But in my opinion it acts as an extra barrier and protects the nail, even if it does sometimes stain the natural nail colour. Currently, I am wearing an OPI red (no clue of the name) with Plumpy Hi Shine Top Coat from Barry M and a Topshop red sequin varnish on my ring finger.

Stay happy,



©️ lauren walls 2017

My NCS Experience

One month ago I finished my volunteering as a Senior Associate Mentor on Wave 10 Richmond, all because two years ago my cousin did NCS as a shy teenager and came out as very sociable and confident, saying he had the best time ever.

I began my NCS experience last year on Wave 11 Hounslow, confident, talkative and ready to give nearly everything a go but nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect.

On the very first day I turned up with my suitcase full with too many clothes inside and spotted lots of friendly faces. I found out I was in Sabesan, the photography group which I was excited about. But first things first I had Week One to accomplish, it was four days filled with sports, games and team building activities. After the first full day I became the Team Director for the following day along with my friend Paul. As I am quite bossy I loved this role because I could be in control but still encouraging the whole team and I must have done a great job because I was then picked by my fellow team Sabesans to be Team Director for Week Two and Week Three. At the end of the week I realised that I am very good at starting a fire but I cannot sail to save my life.

The next week was where all the teams learnt their skill, mine being photography, and began planning campaigns for a charity, whilst staying on a university campus. This week was probably my favourite because everyone knew everyone else quite well by that point and there was a lot of laughing, even when cooking pizza for too long in the oven.

The final week was hard work but rewarding! Our campaign was trying to spread happiness in the community, Smile with Strangers. It definitely worked because we put many smiles on faces.

The best part about the whole experience was that I developed and improved on skills, and making friends from a range of different places in London, who I still continue to spend time with and have done so recently.

One of the senior mentors, called Manny, had a chat with me on one of the last days talking about the graduate opportunities and said I could be a good Senior Mentor one day and the next step for that is being an Associate Mentor. Therefore I went on the training course, followed by a senior associate mentor training course and next thing I knew I was volunteering. This part of the experience reminded me of when I was a young person, so it was a lot of fun.

If you have the chance to do something out of your comfort zone then do it, because it will be worthwhile just like NCS The Challenge was for me.

Stay happy



©️ lauren walls 2017

Hand Luggage

Recently I went on a nearly 11 hour flight from London to San Francisco, and my friend Caitlin suggested I did a post on what I packed in my hand luggage as she finds that interesting, so here you go.

Inside the main compartment of my carry on backpack:

*a warm scarf/blanket
*pigeons and peacock magazine (a UAL magazine)
*The Nature of Beauty book
*52 lists of happiness
*my glasses
*my current favourite pair of sunglasses
*a pouch with hair bands, a nail file, small mirror and other bits and bobs
*the clear plastic bag
*my "American" purse, holding my holiday money
*my "British" purse

Inside the clear plastic bag and the front pocket of my bag was these items:

*my phone obviously
*interdental brushes because I live that braces life where all food gets stuck
*my iPad with games and Made in Chelsea episodes
*toothbrush inside a container
*a Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet facemask (I must say it was a very good facemask)
*a Lush moisturiser sample
*another moisturiser sample
*mini toothpaste
*hand cream
*lip balm
*Body Shop hand cleanse gel (in pink grapefruit, my fave)
*my trusty nude Mac lipstick
*the Mary Louminizer highlight as I heard it smashed frequently when stored in the main suitcase
*unicorn wet wipes

Obviously I will be taking these back home with me on the return flight plus little momentos and less money.

Stay happy



Theatre Review

Recently I have been fortunate enough to have been to the theatre quite a lot. As I am a bit of a theatre fan I thought I would do a review and share my opinions.

Kinky boots:

I didn’t know anything about it before hand but I enjoyed it, I especially loved the messages it portrayed -such as being yourself is the best thing you can do with your life. Some parts I felt slightly awkward as I was watching it with my parents, it seems more like something you would watch as a “girls night out”.


I went to watch this for my birthday with my family and I felt like a young child again – which in my opinion is a good thing. I love Aladdin anyway, but this made me love it even more and reminded me of the story. The elaborate costumes and sets definitely screamed Disney in a good way, and complemented the storyline – I am still trying to figure out how they got the magic carpet to fly.

School of Rock:

The film is already one of my favourites due to Jack Black,  so I was apprehensive if the actor in the theatre would live up to his standards, but … he certainly did. I was shocked at how talented all the young actors were, they could  sing, dance, act and play instruments amazingly – I thought they would be good, but not this good.

They were all individually amazing musicals that I enjoyed but because I am a huge Disney fan my favourite has to be Aladdin due to the adaptation of the classic film with quotes from the other well known Disney films, it also helped that I knew all of the songs that I could sing along to.

Stay happy



Summer Bucket List

Summer is the perfect time to try something new and because this year I have an extra long holiday off I have created a bucket list of new things to try and do during my time off. The first one on my list was to start my blog as i have been meaning to do it for ages but I hadn’t got round to it due to GCSES.

1. Go on the paddle boats in Hyde Park
2. Finish 5 books
3. Visit a high wire tree top climbing place
4. Always have nice painted nails
5. Experiment making gluten free treats and food – such as cookies and pizza
6. Spend 24 hours without my phone and IPad
7. Watch the sunrise or the sunset
8. Have a water fight
9. Play a game of crazy golf
10. Earn £100
11. Travel to the beach for day
12. Have a mini campfire in the garden
13. Go for a picnic in the park
14. Have a Disney movie marathon
15. Go for a family bike ride
16. Cook a 3-course meal
17. Help around the house
18. Try a pinterest hack
19. Visit Thorpe Park
20. Have fun

Stay happy