Skincare Saviours

These are currently the products that I use on my skin to keep it healthy and as spot free as I can (which usually isn’t that hard as I have inherited clear skin from my father). From left to right these are the prouducts I use for my dry/sensitive skin:

I use the Nivea Sensitive Caring Micellar Water with the Extra Gentle makeup remover. The reason for this is I used the Garnier one that worked very effectively for a couple of months until my eye lids started going dry, puffy and patchy when ever I used it. So I have tried another brand and at the moment it works perfectly well. *touch wood* Occasionally, I use Nivea sensitive makeup wipes – only when feeling lazy, or with minimal makeup on.

I have used this Simple face wash for as long as I can remember (thanks Mum) and I know it works, so I don’t bother venturing away incase my skin reacts.

The face mask I use the most regularly is the Body Shop Minerals and Ginger Clay Mask. The main reason I like this is because it is warming, and I find that pretty fun, but it also does what it says on the package “deep cleanses, purifies pores and revitalises and conditions”.

Tea Tree Oil is a well known remedy to help with spots. This is one reason why I bought this small bottle of it from the Body Shop, also because you can then use it multiple ways. The two main ways I use it is: to further clean my skin by adding it to water in a spray bottle, then spraying it on my face and wiping my face with a cotton pad. the other way is directly adding one drop on to a spot, this targets the bacteria to prevent it getting worse.

I am pretty sure this Clinique moisturiser is the best one on the planet, which is why I don’t mind spending nearly ¬£40 on it about every four months. It is really soothing (especially in this warm weather) and it soaks into the skin very quickly, but also because it still works even when under makeup!!

The final thing I do to help care for my skin is to drink as much water as I can, usually aiming for 1.5 litres a day. This helps rehydrate my skin plus many other benefits for the body. I hope you found this interesting or useful.
Stay happy