18 things I learnt in 18 years

To celebrate my 18th birthday – which I think is a big landmark – I have been reflecting on my life. So here is 18 things I have learnt about myself in the past 18 years.

◦ I am lucky! I have a roof over my head, food and water always available to me, a great education and a healthy happy family.

◦ You don’t need to share absolutely everything on social media or online. It is more important to live in the moment than capturing it for everyone else to see

◦ I enjoy talking, talking about almost anything but especially about myself. Saying this I love listening to others talking about their life experiences.

◦ “Practice makes perfect” is true!the more you do something the better you become at it, whatever it may be -eyeshadow skills, acting, or even maths papers.

◦ Concerts, listening to music, acting and Disney films transport me to another world and make me happy.

◦ Wearing nice clothes, a touch of makeup and effort into the hair makes me feel so much more confident and happy. I walk with my head a little higher.

◦ I hate letting people down – especially myself.

◦ People come and go in your life and they either stay in it, or were only in it for for a short time – sometimes you have to let people go.

◦ When you work hard, the time and energy you used pays off.

◦ You don’t have to stay in contact with absolutely everyone you meet.

◦ That I like to be in control.

◦ Everything happens for a reason. (I need to listen to this quote more)

◦ Water is my favourite drink – how boring….

◦ One big thing I have learnt is that I don’t care what people think of me and I don’t need to care what they think of me. If someone likes me then it is for the real me and if they don’t then tough, they are missing out. Just as long as I am myself and living my best life it is all good.

◦ I love myself. I have accepted the good and bad about all the factors of myself but I realised that this is everything that makes up who I am.

◦ My friends are some of the most amazing talented people and they inspire me to be better.

◦ My family are the most important thing to me and I care about them (and would rather spend time with them over anyone else).

◦ That I am a very loyal caring person and try to put smiles on people’s faces usually over putting smiles on my own face.

Hopefully in the upcoming years I learn many more interesting things about myself and the world I live in. But currently I feel like I know myself very well and maybe better than many other 18 year olds.

Stay happy,



Ps I have had a great birthday!! Feel very spoilt.

©️ lauren walls 2018


Products I can’t live without

These are the top five makeup products that I can’t live without and would honestly recommend to anyone and everyone, so I thought I would attempt to do so on my blog.

The first product is “They’re Real! Mascara by Benefit” in black, it makes my eyelashes look a lot longer and sometimes more voluminous.

Next is my NYX blending brush, I guess it is like any other blending brush but it is my favourite one and I use it in every eyeshadow look I do.

This is my favourite makeup product that I know I will buy again and again, the Viva Glam II Satin Lipstick by Mac. The colour really compliments my skin tone and it goes with every makeup look.DSC_0423

Every look needs a bit of glow and the Mary Loumanizer highlight by The Balm. It is pearl white and it blends easily. You can build it up for a blinding glow or use a little for a subtle natural glow.DSC_0416

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Conceler is basically everyone’s concelar, and I use it in the shade one fair. The reason I began using this about 3 to 4 years ago is because most brands lightest concealers were too dark for me, and this was one of the only ones that suited my pale skin complexion, and since then I haven’t found one I like better.

An extra favourite thing is my CK2 perfume from Calvin Klein, I don’t really know how to describe the smell but it is very nice and I wear it nearly everyday.

Stay happy



©️ lauren walls 2017

British Summer Time – The Killers

On the 8th of June, I felt like I woke up at the crack of dawn (but really it was only 8am) to get ready for the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park. My sister, mum and I all had early bird tickets for 12 am so we arrived got our wristbands and sat in our place, fourth from the front of the stage.

The Killers set list was banging, they basically played my favourite song Human twice. The first time was the first verse very stripped back with the piano and a spot light on Brandon, and then the second time was the song in whole with staging and flashing lights. Hearing the 65,000 people singing (more like shouting) back to the stage was just incredible to hear and see – when Elbow, who performed before the Killers, made us do a back to front Mexican wave.

On the whole I think that this concert/festival was one of my favourite (EVER), the only downside was when I kept thinking it was raining, but it actually was the women’s sweat next to splashing on me from her hair and the couple of times I felt claustrophobic in between acts when you have to sit by placing yourself in between people’s legs standing. Honestly the best thing about it for me was seeing my mum the happiest I have ever seen her in my 17 years of living and this quite obviously made it all worthwhile.

Stay happy,