America Road Trip: Las Vegas

Vegas is exactly what I expected, casinos and bars everywhere so being 17 there wasn’t much to do. So I am going back when I am above the age of 21 with lots of money.

Day One: Grand CanyonDSC_0079DSC_0109DSC_0065DSC_0090DSC_0105

Day Two: Sunbathing and visiting the signDSC_0118DSC_0116DSC_0143DSC_0157DSC_0161(this is just before we did the long zip wire through downtown Vegas)

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America Road Trip: Los Angeles

As soon as I arrived in Los Angeles I decided I wanted to move there, even though in the area we stayed there wasn’t as much gluten free food as I hoped, I loved the vibes of the area. Whilst here we had to visit my home away from home – Disneyland – which ended up being my favourite part of the road trip.

Afternoon One: Driving through Malibu and Santa Barbara

Disney Day:

Day Two: Exploring Hollywood and feeling like I was in LaLa Land


Universal Studios Day! (my phone died halfway through the day so I took hardly any photos)

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America Road Trip: Monterey and Pismo Beach

These were both beautiful beach locations, however we didn’t do much photo taking so I thought I would share them on the same post.

Monterey Evening One: Sitting by the fire


Monterey Day One: Boat Trip (we saw a pod of Dolphins, Humpback, and three Blue Whales)


Pismo Beach Evening One:

Day One: we just chilled by the pool all day which was the best thing ever!

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America Road Trip: San Francisco

I truly left my heart in San Francisco like Tony Bennett said once in a song, so here are some of my favourite photos I have taken or my family have taken that can live on forever.

Day One: exploring San Fran and Alcatraz island

DSC_0715DSC_0631DSC_0769DSC_0767DSC_0770DSC_0643DSC_0639DSC_0710franDSC_0604DSC_0771DSC_0756DSC_0728DSC_0723Day Two: Golden Gate BridgeDSC_0793DSC_0796DSC_0797DSC_0849

DSC_0862DSC_0830DSC_0839Day Three: saying goodbye to San Fran

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Zurich Trip

Recently I visited Zurich in Switzerland to visit one of my closest friends Sarah, before I went I was told that it is a very beautiful country so I went prepared with my camera and as a result took these images.

On day one, we went for a long walk around her local village, which is Mannedorf.

Day two we went to Zürich for a little bit of shopping – of mainly delicious chocolate from Läderach. Later that day we went iceskating up in the hills and traveled by the trams which was a new experience for me.


On day three, we went sledging in Flumserberg which was stunning because everywhere was covered in snow and it made me miss skiing – something I haven’t done for ages. At first I was struggling because I wasn’t able to stop myself so I kept crashing into the snowbanks, but after a while I was controlling myself and speeding down.

On my final day, we went for another walk up the mountains in Uetilberg because the sun was shining and you could see the whole of Zurich which was breathtaking.

On the whole, Switzerland is a very beautiful country with lots of clean, narrow streets, however it was very,very expensive to buy simple things like a bottle of water. I recommend if you get the chance to go in your life then do (not just for skiing but sightseeing) and make sure you buy some chocolate 🙂

Stay happy