British Summer Time – The Killers

On the 8th of June, I felt like I woke up at the crack of dawn (but really it was only 8am) to get ready for the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park. My sister, mum and I all had early bird tickets for 12 am so we arrived got our wristbands and sat in our place, fourth from the front of the stage.

The Killers set list was banging, they basically played my favourite song Human twice. The first time was the first verse very stripped back with the piano and a spot light on Brandon, and then the second time was the song in whole with staging and flashing lights. Hearing the 65,000 people singing (more like shouting) back to the stage was just incredible to hear and see – when Elbow, who performed before the Killers, made us do a back to front Mexican wave.

On the whole I think that this concert/festival was one of my favourite (EVER), the only downside was when I kept thinking it was raining, but it actually was the women’s sweat next to splashing on me from her hair and the couple of times I felt claustrophobic in between acts when you have to sit by placing yourself in between people’s legs standing. Honestly the best thing about it for me was seeing my mum the happiest I have ever seen her in my 17 years of living and this quite obviously made it all worthwhile.

Stay happy,




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