Theatre Review

Recently I have been fortunate enough to have been to the theatre quite a lot. As I am a bit of a theatre fan I thought I would do a review and share my opinions.

Kinky boots:

I didn’t know anything about it before hand but I enjoyed it, I especially loved the messages it portrayed -such as being yourself is the best thing you can do with your life. Some parts I felt slightly awkward as I was watching it with my parents, it seems more like something you would watch as a “girls night out”.


I went to watch this for my birthday with my family and I felt like a young child again – which in my opinion is a good thing. I love Aladdin anyway, but this made me love it even more and reminded me of the story. The elaborate costumes and sets definitely screamed Disney in a good way, and complemented the storyline – I am still trying to figure out how they got the magic carpet to fly.

School of Rock:

The film is already one of my favourites due to Jack Black,  so I was apprehensive if the actor in the theatre would live up to his standards, but … he certainly did. I was shocked at how talented all the young actors were, they could  sing, dance, act and play instruments amazingly – I thought they would be good, but not this good.

They were all individually amazing musicals that I enjoyed but because I am a huge Disney fan my favourite has to be Aladdin due to the adaptation of the classic film with quotes from the other well known Disney films, it also helped that I knew all of the songs that I could sing along to.

Stay happy




2 thoughts on “Theatre Review

  1. Disney still is my favourite- but my varied love for all that is theater crosses into many an usual experience–Polly can relate a few of them, Granny boot camp so who is for theater tomorrow?? Love you my wonderful drama queen!!


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