Summer Bucket List

Summer is the perfect time to try something new and because this year I have an extra long holiday off I have created a bucket list of new things to try and do during my time off. The first one on my list was to start my blog as i have been meaning to do it for ages but I hadn’t got round to it due to GCSES.

1. Go on the paddle boats in Hyde Park
2. Finish 5 books
3. Visit a high wire tree top climbing place
4. Always have nice painted nails
5. Experiment making gluten free treats and food – such as cookies and pizza
6. Spend 24 hours without my phone and IPad
7. Watch the sunrise or the sunset
8. Have a water fight
9. Play a game of crazy golf
10. Earn £100
11. Travel to the beach for day
12. Have a mini campfire in the garden
13. Go for a picnic in the park
14. Have a Disney movie marathon
15. Go for a family bike ride
16. Cook a 3-course meal
17. Help around the house
18. Try a pinterest hack
19. Visit Thorpe Park
20. Have fun

Stay happy


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